"I have to tell you thanks from the bottom of my heart. My face has been breaking out sooo bad due to stress and my mom bought me some Survival Soap from your store... it cleared up in less than a week! I love using it, I can feel it penetrating my pores when I wash my face and it relieved the pain as well. A total God send! All cleared up. I was so happy! And then I broke out with a really bad cold sore 3 days ago... and she bought me the Cold Sore 911... I've used it everyday and it's killed the infection dead. I'm amazed. I usually go through the stages, lip bubble, lip bubble burst, lip bubble itchy, lip bubble pain, lip bubble scab, and lip bubble scar. But I put it on before they surfaced and burst and I went from stage one to stage lip bubble healing! That stuff works! Thank you soo much!!"

- Melissa, Tsawwassen, BC 


 "I had a terrible case of shingles. I could barely even walk. I was growing more and more depressed. I made it to Auntie Pam's Country Store and got a bottle of Auntie Pam's Survival Spray. A friend recommended it. As soon as I sprayed it on, I could feel the pain subsiding. I could actually get up and move a bit right away. Over the next few days,  I noticed that not only was the pain gone but the rash was drying up. No more itching. By the end of the first week it was 80% better and by the end of the 2nd week the shingles were gone!"

 -Patty, Point Roberts, WA


 "I was undergoing chemotherapy and getting weaker by the day. My lips were covered in cold sores. I was drinking ensure because I could not eat. My daughter brought me a tube of Cold Sore 911. It saved my life. The Cold Sore 911 stopped the spread of the virus, dried up the sores and killed the pain. Within hours, I was able to eat again. I regained my strength and won my battle!"

-Tena, Vancouver BC 

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