I developed Kool Off as a cooling spray because we were selling the soap and other products at a show in Eastern Washington where daily summer temperatures are easily 100 degrees fahrenheit. We set up our tent on Friday and sold a few bottles to campers and other vendors - the show hadn't started yet. 


Saturday morning when we get to the tent, twenty people were waiting outside. I thought "What happened? Did someone break into our tent?" They began asking where the heck is the "Blue Stuff"? Everyone camped by the river had been eaten alive by mosquitoes except for the people who had been using the Kool Spray!


Since then, we have sent Kool Off to Northern Ontario, Key West Florida, Belize and Alaska - all types of mosquitoes hate the smell of Kool off Spray!


It contains Aloe vera, peppermint, rosemary and minerals - It's actually good for your skin!


Very useful for menopause hot flashes! 

Cools your skin on contact!


News Flash!

Kool off Spray is an amazing bathroom freshener and even works as a poo spray in the toilet!








  • 100% Natural & Organic

  • Cools & Refreshes Skin On Contact

  • Naturally Repells Insects

  • Eases Hot Flash

  • Organic Air Freshener

  • Pre-Poo Toilet Spritzer

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